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A Quilting We Will Go!

May 9, 2010

Attending guild meetings and visiting quilt shows always gets me fired up and motivated to quilt. I wish our guild had a meeting every week – I’d get so much done!

In any case, I’ll be quilting up a storm this week, as I attended our guild meeting Friday night, and spent a great afternoon at the Langley Quilters Guild show – The Threads That Bind – on Saturday. Talk about inspiration! I am constantly amazed by the wealth of talented quilters we have in this country. And terribly envious! I always say, even though I’ve been quilting for almost 20 years now, I’m still a beginner.

Sunflower Delight - Sunny Theroux

Let's Do Lunch with 3D Butterflies - Eileen Findlay

3D Butterfly on Let's Do Lunch - Eileen Findlay

3D Butterfly on Let's Do Lunch - Eileen Findlay

Poppies - Dale Bell

This sweet baby quilt was made by an 11-year old – her first quilting project! Her grandmother got her started, but Emily did the assembly and sewing herself. Another great quilter in the making!

Emily's First Quilt

Some of you may recognize the next photo, shown in the Winter 2009/10 issue of QC Magazine. The Langley Quilters’ Guild is involved in an annual project called Kourageous Kids. Several of the quilts created for the children were displayed at the show this weekend.

Spencer's Quilt for Kourageous Kids - Penny Chan Kent

Here are some more quilts created for the Kourageous Kids project, and some of the artwork that inspired them.

Kayte's Quilt - Ainslee Richardsen

Kayte's Artwork

Ethan's Quilt - Ute Lindenlauf & Carrie Magee

One last photo. I couldn’t resist. I love the title of this quilt – a quote from Cinderella, “One Shoe Can Change Your Life”.

One Shoe Can Change Your Life - Janie Schulz

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers reading this today. Enjoy your day!

Happy Quilting! ~ Heather

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