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February 10, 2010

In the February issue of QC Magazine’s e-newsletter – sent out to readers last weekend – we discussed paint colour options for your sewing/quilting room walls.  We have had some comments from readers since then, and wanted to share them with you.

The following comes from Vivian Kapusta, Secretary of the Canadian Quilters’ Association…

Just a note on the wall colour for your studio: keep the colours neutral.  We are a little tired of beige, but here are beautiful greys available.  My studio walls are a grey with a light green tone.  The colour is often of called ‘gallery grey’ and comes in both warm and cool tones.  Any colour of art work shows well.  It is also a calm restful room… giving opportunity for you to work with all those beautiful colours!  Neutrals do not interfere with your choice of fabric colours – wall colour can distort the true colours in your fabrics.  Every colour is influenced by the colour next to it, making it brighter or duller in value and intensity.  Your lighting is another important consideration.  Next to real daylight, full spectrum flourescent lights will give you the best light to work under.  Your eyes won’t get tired and you won’t get an unpleasant colour surprise when you take your quilt out of the studio.
My design wall is natural cork and I have a gridded fabric that makes it easy to line up horizontal lines.  Another useful idea is to cover an old desk with batting and a cotton cover to make a flat pressing/working surface.  You can steam wall hangings to make sure corners are square and there no ‘bubbles’ due to variation in the amount of stitching.  While you are choosing tables, make sure the height is correct for you to use a rotary cutter.  Also check ergonomics for your chair height in relation to your sewing machine.  Incorrect height can give back and should problems.

Some photos of Vivian’s sewing room:

Note Vivian’s wonderfully large windows that spread across one entire wall!  We all wish we could have room like this to create in!

Vivian has provided some great ideas for furnishing your quilting room, and her suggestion of neutral walls in your sewing room is one many of us heed (my own office/quilting room is painted in a very pale yellow).  If you wish to paint your walls a darker colour, you may decide to paint just one feature wall, and cover the other three walls in a neutral colour.  Or, ensure your design wall is large enough and covered in white or another neutral-coloured fabric, so that the wall colour is not directly beside the fabric you place on your design wall, and will not affect the fabric colours you choose.

Happy painting! ~ Heather

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  1. February 11, 2010 3:55 pm

    What a FABULOUS work space……….I’m drooling :0)
    Excellent suggestions for making our own space more user friendly

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