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For Your Next Guild Meeting…

November 30, 2009

Many quilt guilds are coming up to their last meeting before Christmas, and most – including mine – are hosting a potluck party to ring in the holidays.  Here’s a quick and delightful recipe that is easy to make (last minute!) and is perfect for a holiday celebration!


1 CUP COARSELY CRUSHED CANDY CANES (approximately 2 – 8″ canes)

Place candy canes in plastic bag and coarsely crush with rolling pin.  Set aside.
Melt chocolate over low heat in double boiler or in microwave.  Do not overheat.  Stir in peppermint flavouring.  Add crushed candy canes and mix.
Line large baking sheet with wax paper.  Pour chocolate mixture onto sheet and spread out.
Refrigerate until firm.
Break into pieces.  Store in cool place.

That’s it!  Pretty simple.  And yummy.  Get your kids to help you – this recipe is easy enough for them to do as well.

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  1. Michelle Moase permalink
    January 4, 2010 12:04 pm

    I’ve made the same recipe but without the candy canes. It’s basically almond bark.
    You’ll need:
    1 lb white chocolate
    1 cup chocolate chips
    1 cup almonds
    Toast the almonds in 350 degree oven for 5 min, tossing a few times
    Melt the white chocolate in double boiler. Add the almonds and pour onto foil lined cookie sheet. Melt the chocolate chips in microwave and pour over top of white chocolate. Cut through with a knife a few times to give it a swirl effect. Place in freezer til hard and break into pieces. Can be kept in freezer or fridge.
    Great gift too!

  2. September 24, 2010 9:32 pm

    So… eat the darker stuff when sewing colored quilts, and much on th ewhite stuff when sewing white quilts!? lol My but had widened since become a quilter. sheesh.

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