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Ramblings on Getting a Head Start on the Holidays

November 27, 2009

As I drove home from a meeting last evening, I noticed several homes in my neighborhood that already have Christmas lights on!  And today, as I walked back form the Post Office, in the front window of a house was a very large, very live Christmas tree, already decorated.

Isn’t it a bit early?  I mean, it’s not even December yet.  American Thanksgiving dinner isn’t even on the table yet in the Western states.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a humbug by any means.


But when Costco is selling Christmas trees and lights and wrapping paper and cards before Halloween, and all the malls are decorated by early November, I feel that’s all just pushing it a little.

Christmas has become so commercialized.  Do people even know what Christmas is any more?

What ever happened to the true meaning of Christmas?  It’s been lost in the mass of shoppers rushing to purchase gifts for friends and family, because they ‘should’ or they ‘have to’, not because they want to.  It’s been lost in the barrage of television commercials that pitch the latest ‘must have’ gadget for your loved one.  It’s been lost in the rush of people caught up in their lives, just trying to ignore the millions of Christmas messages they are faced with every day – buy this, do that, go there…

Stop.  Take a breath.  Relax.  Slow down.

Yes, I’m getting ready for Christmas.  I’ve already begun my shopping, I’m making Christmas cards for friends.  Trying to figure out how to secure our Christmas tree this year so our 13-month old cat (a recent addition to the family) doesn’t knock it down during dinner, when all the guests are seated at the table.

But, I’m also taking time – for family, for friends, for me.  I’m taking time to think of what Christmas really means to me and why it’s so important to mankind.  And no, it’s not because of the great day – after – Christmas sales at the electronics stores.

Christmas to me is a time for giving.  Giving gifts, giving love, giving time.  This year, we are spending time with the entire family.  We are sponsoring a family that is less fortunate than our own.   I am making a quilt for them too.  A quilt is blanket of love that you can wrap around yourself and feel warm inside and out.

Christmas is a time to show love to everyone – your friends, your enemies, neighbors, strangers.

Isn’t that what Christmas is all about – love?  It started with God’s love for us.

Instead of rushing about selfishly in our own little worlds this Christmas, let’s pass it on.  Love, that is.

What does Christmas mean to you?

Now, I had better go – I have to get into the kitchen and get some Christmas baking done.


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  1. November 27, 2009 5:52 pm

    I blogged about your “Green” contest. Good luck with that and I look forward to getting the green issue. One of my recycling (or green as they call it now) was featured in Canadian Living’s Green issue two years ago. It was fun being sort of a celebrity for a day.

  2. November 30, 2009 4:32 am

    Hi Heather, thanks for writing such a great column discussing Christmas and what it is truly about. I’m a person who likes to put so much thought into Christmas presents and finally my in-laws are doing a homemade Christmas – everyone has to do something homemade, men included!! I’m so thrilled about this. We can all create things that come from the heart and people will love and cherish for years to come because their gift will be unique for them. Here Here to you and your great column.


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